The Urban Mobility Daily is an initiative of the Autonomy team to share content with their growing community of business leadaers, innovators, policy makers and cities which comes together each year at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit hed in Paris. The 2019 edtion will be from 16 - 17 October.

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At Autonomy, we believe that the future of mobility will be multi-modal incorporating the verticals we call ADESA: Active Mobility, Data Analytics, Electrification, Shared mobility and Autonomous vehicles. The annual event, Autonomy & the Urban Moblity Summit, gathers 10 000 visitors, 200 exhibitors, 100 speakers and 50 cities providing exeptional insight into what innovators are creating and what cities are wanting.

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October, 2019

Let’s Have a Post-Car Conversation

The author’s children taking a ride in his cargo bike By Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy I live and work in Paris, the most densely populated city in the western world. Apartments go for €10...

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